General Assembly Minutes, July 8, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Vince, Neal, Marilyn, Mike

TENT CITY TACOMA (TCT): Vince connected with a woman pastor at Mason, who seemed interested in helping to identify a location for TCT. She said she would be interested in working with Vince and TCT. Vince continues to try to meet with Associated Ministries. Neal announced that Lisa [...]

General Assembly Minutes, July 1, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Vince, Patricia, Neal, Mike Coburn (TruthMerchant or TM), Woody (Woody was only here for a few minutes and needed to leave)

TENT CITY TACOMA (TCT): Vince began this discussion by asking what steps we need to take concretely now to get more homeless people involved. After much discussion, [...]

General Assembly Minutes, June 24, 2013

PRESENT: Rickie, Edy, Patricia, Woody, Alan, Marilyn, Neal, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant)

INTRODUCTIONS: Marilyn suggested we introduce ourselves as there were several new people. We all made brief statements about ourselves.

ON-LINE GENERAL ASSEMBLY (OLGA): OLGA is software that Mike is designing to facilitate participation in on-line general [...]

General Assembly Minutes, June 3, 2013

PRESENT: Patricia, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Neal, Woody, Marilyn, Vince, Alan

TENT CITY TACOMA: We further discussed the logistics of the upcoming June 10 Tent City Tacoma Kick-Off First Public Informational Meeting to be held in the FUMC church sanctuary (Please see calendar) next Monday. Vince said he [...]

General Assembly Minutes, May 27, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Vince, Woody

MIKE’S PLUGIN: Mike demonstrated his plug-in again. It seems to have come a long way, and Mike feels it will be ready to be promoted to other groups in the very near future, perhaps next week. He talked about having the old [...]

General Assembly Minutes, May 20, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Patrick, Neal, Mike Coburn (TM or TruthMerchant), Vince, Woody

TENT CITY TACOMA: Vince had a handout promoting the June 10 meeting which he distributed to us. He said he was going to see if someone from Associated Ministries could address the meeting. Alan wondered about how we were going to provide refreshments [...]

Tent City Tacoma Kick-Off: First Public Informational Meeting


Thanks to Vince Hart for writing the original draft that you’re now reading, and thanks to Patricia for proofreading the leaflet based on Vince’s draft.—editor


For several months, Occupy Tacoma (OT) activists and various homeless advocates have been gathering data, seeking out resources, identifying [...]

General Assembly Minutes May 13, 2013

PRESENT: Vince, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Patricia, Marilyn, Alan


We hope that Neal, or Neal and Woody can do the presentation at the June 10 meeting. They do an excellent job of giving Neal’s PP presentation. The meeting is June 10 at 6:30, and we will not [...]

General Assembly Minutes, May 6, 2013

PRESENT: Alan, Mike Coburn (TM), Aaron, Vince

BUSINESS: The meeting was rather brief and informal as there were few attendees. Several items were discussed.

WEB SITES: Alan reported on the status of the web sites.

Our FaceBook page had 31 “Talking about this” hits and a total outreach [...]

General Assembly Minutes, April 29, 2013

PRESENT: Patricia, Mike Coburn (TM or TruthMerchant), Woody, Marilyn, Aaron, Vince, Alan

INTRODUCTIONS: As we had a new person at our meeting, we all had a brief statement introducing ourselves.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Marilyn made several announcements of upcoming events, most of which she put on the calendar. They include [...]