December 16, 2012 General Assembly Minutes

PRESENT: Marilyn, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Neal, Woody, Alan.

FINANCIAL ACCOUNT: Marilyn met with Sarah, and they closed out the Occupy Tacoma savings account. Marilyn has check for $482..33 and DebOrah has approximately $300.00. Marilyn and Alan will be cosigners for a new account to be opened at Sound Credit Union at 3633 Pacific Avenue in Tacoma, and all the funds will be deposited there.

COAL TERMINAL PROTEST: Marilyn reported on the protest against the coal terminal and running coal trains for export of coal to China. This would involve 18 trains a day, each a mile-and-a-half long, running through environmentally sensitive areas. Thousands turned out, and most were clearly against it.

CITY COUNCIL CORPORATE PERSONHOOD PROPOSAL: TM proposed, on a time-sensitive basis, that he send out an email blast asking people to turn out to the Tuesday city council meeting this coming Tuesday. Apparently, the City Council will vote on a resolution supporting a constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizens United resolution. We agreed this was time-urgent and gave TM the go-ahead to send out the email blast. Marilyn had spoken with Victoria Woodard, and after this conversation, she was cautiously optimistic this measure would pass.

MEETING TIME CHANGE: We decided to change our meeting times to Monday evening if we can continue to meet at the church. Mike will speak to responsible church people about the availability of this and will coordinate this change. (NB: Mike spoke with the church person in charge, and after a series of emails, we scheduled the last Sunday meeting to be December 30, after which we will meet on Monday at the same location).

TENT CITY HOST SITE AGREEMENT: Neal gave a presentation on a model Host Site Agreement. He emphasized that this was a starting point, not a final product. The other document he had presented outlining the rules and organizational principles the of the tent city were also not a final product. Organizers will discuss and modify these. Neal also presented a proposed application for city hosting, as the city currently does not have such a proposal. We discussed this.

MAY DAY: Alan said that he would like for us to start thinking about an action around May Day, perhaps in cooperation with other local groups such as IWW. There was some discussion about that. Marilyn felt it would be best if we could organize something to support an ongoing labor action. If there were no concurrent labor actions in Tacoma at that time, we could consider alternatives. In that case, Marilyn thought we should consider participating in and building any Occupy Seattle celebration. Marilyn also suggested that if we had a local Tacoma action, we would have to plan for the possibility of so-called “black-bloc” disruptors showing up. Alan said properly-trained monitors and planning could minimize such problems.

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent

My apologies for the lateness of these minutes. I have been ill and was in the hospital for a brief stay, and I’m feeling much better now.

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