Free Leonard Peltier in 2012

Here’s a way you can help right a terrible wrong.

Here’s a way to fight the on-going discrimination against Native peoples in the US today.

Leonard Peltier has been in US Federal Prisons since 1977 due to a conviction relating to the murders of two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation in 1975. It was never proven that he was the murderer, but the jury nonetheless found him guilty. Amnesty International states his trial was “unfair,” citing concerns with the proceedings, based on allegations and inconsistencies regarding the FBI and prosecution’s handling of this case. (For details click here).

Peltier’s conviction sparked great controversy and has drawn criticism from around the world. Numerous appeals have been filed on his behalf. He has received support from individuals and groups including

The Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee has been advised that now, between the election and Obama’s second inauguration, is the best time to push for clemency. Some say that it’s now or never, so the push is on. We ask all Leonard Peltier supporters to please join us at this event. Please make phone calls and/or send e-mails to the White House in support of clemency: White House Comments Line – 202-456-1111, E-mail, AND if you have time and are so inclined, hand-written letters are the best: The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500.

On a variety of social justice issues, Obama keeps saying, “make me do it.” Join us on December 8th to learn more so that all of us, together, can put pressure on the President, get Leonard out of prison, and finally bring this unjust, horrible situation to an end.

Speakers will include:

  • Deeahop Conway, Puyallup Tribal member, Tacoma Chapter of Leonard Peltier Defense/Offense Committee (LPDOC)
  • MC David Duenas, Puyallup Tribal Member: Opening and Coastal Hand Drum
  • Ramona Bennett: Puyallup Tribal Elder, Life long friend of Leonard Peltier
  • Matilaja, Yu’Pik Eskimo from Mountain Village Alaska. Member of N.W. AIM since 1973, Friend of Leonard Peltier for 38 odd years and member of Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
  • Arthur J. Miller, Northwest Regional Organizer LPDOC, Tacoma Chapter LPDOC
  • Steve Hapy, Long-time Leonard Peltier and Native struggles activist, Co-Coordinator of the Tacoma Chapter LPDOC

Online Videos of Interest:

  1. Why is Peltier Still in Prison?
  2. The 1992 documentary narrated by Robert Redford, Incident at Oglala: The Leonard Peltier Story, can be watched in full online here


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