General Assembly Minutes, Dec 2, 2012

Alan, Luisa, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Vince, Neal, Marilyn, Woody.

Leonard Peltier
Marilyn discussed the Leonard Peltier meeting to be held at St. Leo’s Church on Saturday, Dec 8, noon to 3. She took a head count of who would attend from Occupy Tacoma. She also got together material for posting on our webpage and FaceBook page. There was discussion about this upcoming meeting.

City Council Resolution
Luisa from MTA (Move To Amend) and several other organizations discussed networking efforts to influence city council members to back a resolution supporting the overturning of the Citizens United decision. Susan and Luisa have been discussing these matters with several council members including Ryan Mello and Anders Ibsen. It is believed that Mayor Strickland is friendly to the idea. The Pierce Progressive and other organizations have been involved. WPC (Washington Public Campaigns) has been lobbying state legislators to have Washington State call for overturning Citizens United.

Tacoma Tent City/Homeless Project
We discussed what was needed to assist the Tacoma Tent City project. Woody emphasized the importance of putting pressure on churches to move on this. Vince says he knows some people to contact. Neal mentioned that before approaching these churches, we should have resources first, like suggested locations, costs of setting up tents, and other related matters. We discussed several promising locations, including one on the Hilltop. Neal will find out the costs of assembling hexyaurts, which can easily be moved, cheaply built, and are quite practical. It was mentioned that some homeless advocates and homelessness activists wanted to encourage transitional housing for homeless. GA attendees said that the two ideas did not contradict each other, and that we were interested in promoting the Tacoma Tent City.

We discussed strategy further. Mike showed us his latest version of Vince’s strategy chart, which can be seen by clicking here. Mike talked about having interactive polling software that would enable each user to prioritize or even enter things into their chart. Charts could be seen by anyone, but one could only alter their own chart. Optionally, the software would present some sort of overall view of how people weighted various items. Vince talked about a strategy tool used at Boeing several decades ago, called PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique).

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent

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  • Daniel

    Though I did not get to the meeting today, I hope you will post a follow-up report and relevant contact information for those who care about this effort. Thanks for presenting it here.

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