General Assembly Minutes, October 28, 2012

PRESENT: Woody, Vince, Alan, Mike (TM or TruthMerchant), Neal

Alan has been in negotiations with the Washington State History Museum about having an Occupy Exhibition. They probably will not put it in the “Hard Times” exhibition but a separate one. Alan discussed setting up a Facebook page and otherwise promoting donations. He will try to interest other Occupy groups. An exhibition would help legitimate the Occupy movement. Museum officials seemed quite interested and even excited. At the same time, the more Occupy organizations across the state support this and contribute ideas and resources, and the more Washington citizens show interest, the more likely the Museum is to show it sooner and promote it more heavily.

We discussed the practicalities of implementing Mithreal’s proposal to support the Walmart strikers, a proposal we had previously approved. Alan will talk to Mithreal about writing something up. We will make an attempt to reach local Walmart activists.

We discussed Mike’s (TM) resolution “Proposal to Support City Council Resolution Encouraging Constitutional Amendment” and voted unanimously to support it. We will have OT (Occupy Tacoma) activists show up in the name of OT. This means OT will join a variety of other community groups as sponsors of the resolution, including Move To Amend Tacoma, Washington Public Campaigns, The Pierce Progressive, WashPIRG, Fuse Washington, and Move On Tacoma. The resolution will state that City of Tacoma supports Move To Amend‘s call that corporations are not people and corporate money spent on campaigns is not free speech. Having so many different community groups will encourage the city counsel to approve this message.

We unanimously approved Marilyn’s proposal, “Proposal to Encourage Moving Money to Credit Unions,” which she made on Aubrey’s behalf. Discussion followed. We will ask Neal, Aubrey, and Marilyn to write a statement about this, which Alan will edit and post. Woody suggested taking out an ad in the Tacoma Tribune. Vince will check into how much an ad in the TNT would cost.

Mike reported that he will move our website to Blue Host servers on Monday, October 29, 2012. The old site will be used as a testing ground for plug-ins and other changes to make sure they work well in a sandbox before putting them to work in our real site. There was vigorous discussion about CPANEL and FTP access. Mike had rescinded these for Alan and Alan objected. Alan wanted these for several reasons, most notably to expedite backups. Mike said that this was unnecessary as backups could be done without this access and because, as Mike tells us, Blue Host does daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Mike committed to giving Alan information on how he could continue to perform independent, off-site backups of the file structure and database without requiring CPANEL access.

Respectfully submitted by Alan OldStudent

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