January 28, 2013, General Assembly Minutes

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PRESENT: Susan, Woody, Alan, Patricia, Vince, Mike Coburn (TM or TruthMerchant)

Single Payer Bill: Susan reported that the “Washington Health Security Trust (WHST) Single Payer Health Care Bill” is to be discussed at an open meeting in Olympia on Friday, Feb 1, 2013. Susan and TM suggested Occupy Tacoma promote this. Alan will put it on both our web page and Facebook page. We unanimously approved an email blast, which TM said he’d do.

Tacoma Tent City:

  • Patricia reported that the contact person from the church has been unavailable. We will need another contact person. Patricia will follow up other leads before she leaves town for a short while.
  • Vince has a list of possible churches. Woody will attempt to check out the physical possibilities that these churches may offer
  • Neal reported that TCT needs to set up a financial account. It was discussed that OT could hold moneys collected for TCT until TCT is actually in existence. At that point, OT would turn over the money collected to the TCT executive committee, and they would open their own account under their own control. Alan (one of the OT account holders) said he was okay with that with 2 provisos: That he get Marilyn’s (the other OT account holder) agreement and that the moneys would ultimately be controlled by TCT and not OT. There seemed to be general consensus on this, and all present expected this would happen.

Platinum Coin: TM explained his proposal for Occupy Tacoma to support the issuance of the so-called “platinum coin” to address the issue of the federal debt ceiling. There was much discussion. TM said he was not calling for a vote on this at this meeting. He said that in addition to being a proposal, he saw this proposal as an educational tool.

Vince’s Proposal: Vince announced that he had a proposal to make. He passed around copies of it. It is now on the website under the name Proposal to Initiate Networking Among Still-Active Occupy Units.

Respectfully submitted: Alan OldStudent

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