Our New Menu Items

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We have a new menu tab called Issues. If you hover over that tab, you will see three submenu items
  • US Economy
  • Spirituality
  • Op Ed Pieces

And if you click on one of those sub tabs, you will be taken to that area and see issues posts.

This item will have discussion on the US economy, although articles on the world economy might logically also be placed here. Right now, we have several articles submitted by TruthMerchant. One, titled Too Little, Too Late, had 2,071 views since it was posted on Sept 20, 2012 and has engendered a lot of commentary. The other was just posted a few days ago and is titled About Money.

Readers are encouraged to contribute comments or even consider submitting articles. If interested in submitting articles, please contact us here, and we will facilitate that.

Many Occupy Tacoma activists have religious or spiritual views that motivate them in their desire for social justice. We welcome all who have these kinds of views, as well as secular humanists and others, to write articles on the spiritual aspects of fighting for social justice.
Do you have a perhaps-controversial but well-informed view on social justice issues? The authors here post well-thought-out opinions and analysis on the issues of the day.
All statements under the ISSUES tab or its sub-menu items are the responsibility of the authors. They do not necessarily represent the positions of Occupy Tacoma.

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