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Thank You Tacoma

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The General Assembly of Occupy Tacoma came to group consensus to peacefully vacate Occupation park on Sunday, February 26, 2012. We wish to express our thanks to the citizens of Tacoma for all of their support for the park. We would also like to thank those members of the city council and the Tacoma Police Department who expressed their support and for their cooperation.

While the General Assembly has decided to vacate and will not provide funding for bail, we do respect the individual rights of anyone who may wish to remain past the official eviction time.

We would like to encourage anyone who has pictures, video or even just a fabulous story to submit your content for our upcoming Occupation Park memorial page.

Although we are vacating Occupation Park we are still Occupy Tacoma. As with other Occupies across the nation we anticipate an increase in local activism even without the constant vigil at park. Work Group meetings will continue as scheduled and another indoor meeting space is being sought for the Sunday night GAs.

We have several upcoming local events:

6 comments to Thank You Tacoma

  • Janet Higbee

    Thanks for your leadership, sacrifice and hope.

  • Kevin

    I was for the cause when the cause had a reason. Before, when people where actively protesting and when the park was not a lot full of tents and tarps. I’m glad the eviction occurred. Now the park can return to return to its original state with nice landscape and beautiful flowers. However, the current state of the park is disgusting. Why don’t you guy pick up all of the things left behind? Garbage, pallets, garbage, and garbage. Unvelievable. The city was nice enough to allow you guys to stay that long and you leave the park in chaos. Tacoma is such a beautiful city, but the first thing you see when get off the freeway (city center) is a park full of trash? Yuck. Way to add to the stereotype that Tacoma is ghetto and grimy.

  • iotollah

    Thanking Tacoma can start with cleaning up the trash you left at Pugnetti Park.

    When can we count on that?

  • Michael Cowsert

    The views I am about to express are not shared by anyone else as far as I know and they are my own. I’m unsure why I am even writing this disclaimer but I do feel inclined to state it up front.

    Dot contacted people at the Park and made suggestions that they really were going to be accommodating. They then claimed they would be at various GA’s and NEVER showed. Last week without any kind of notice 8 or 9 showed up at the GA and proceeded to tell us we would have 72 hours to leave.

    OT was actually in a pretty depressed state already with all the uncertainty that dot created, kudos dot for so skillfully manipulating people. You should be proud that you ended a Constitutionally protected freedom to assemble in a public space and demonstrate peacefully without any reason other than your nebulous excuses – I’m not exaggerating by the way.

    In any case, people of OT were taking it pretty personally and supporting many others who were about to be made homeless yet again. This included a good many who were committed to Occupy and would have no other place to go. While all the sadness and uncertainty was happening we still came together to support each other and the Park was taken away from the people of Tacoma permanently by dot, according to them anyway. They told us it would be auctioned off and we would be fenced out.

    We had very little time to address a great many problems let alone attend to each other personally. So, anyone who complains about getting OT officially out with so little notice should take it up with dot. OT was forced out not the other way around. That people tended to each other and left some trash does not surprise me in any way and I say that as someone who was in the dumpster this past weekend moving things around so we would have more room for all the trash. I suppose next time, we would have either needed more notice or a second dumpster simple as that.

    I admit to being a little over sensitive to the complaint but people mean more to me than some seemingly legitimate sounding complaint about a surplus piece of property that was taken back despite our shared Constitutional rights which are supposed to be about the people, not the property, about our society, not a piece of land that dot didn’t care anything about other than ending a vigil.

    The city of Tacoma and police in Tacoma really had been wonderful and so had been the local businesses. They really deserve the thanks.

  • Carl

    Occupy Tacoma has nothing to ashamed about. We weren’t the causes of the financial crisis. None of us ever foreclosed on a Tacoma family. We stuck to our values of non-violence and respecting the rights of all the 99%. We happen to have a constitution is this country and that constitution happens to have a Bill of Rights. We exercised our first amendment rights to peacefully assemble and petition our government for a redress of our grievances.

    Our grievances are many. The corporate hijacking of our electoral system. The illegal transfer of Billions of dollars from the 99% to the corporate elite. Underfunded schools and overfunded prisons. The denial of civil rights to the majority of our citizens. And the denial of decent housing for tens of millions. The park did just fine, thank you. The struggle continues.