The Harbottles of Tacoma Impresses

Age does not matter in the sport of Golf, which is why it was no surprise when John Harbottle of Lakewood set another record when he shot his age or more. It was indeed an impressive feat as he is someone who belongs to the Pacific Northwest Golf Association Hall of Fame along with his wife, Pat Lesser Harbottle who is an accomplished golfer herself. Harbottle is actually 85 years old and he first accomplished this same feat 20 years ago in July of 1997.


He managed to do it one more time that year but he manages to do it a lot more times this year which is a good thing for him as he says it gets easier when time passes by. His accomplishment has become such a recognition in other golf clubs in the area that the club ended up presenting him with a piece of Kusak crystal with his accomplishment inscribed on it. It is pretty obvious he will put that in his trophy case because it is something he can show to his children and grandchildren. They will no doubt be proud of old man John because other people his age would be glad to just sit back and relax while watching the waves of the sea. John and his wife Pat chose another route and it is no surprise considering how much he loves the sport of golf. Speaking of his wife, she is a recognized name in the world of golf as well since she has won a title in eight consecutive decades.


This means you may never find a person who has the guts to tell her to retire from golf. Pat has shot her age at least 50 times so you have a couple who are so good at golf that they think they are the best in the world at what they do. Pat is best known for winning the US Women’s Championship Amateur way back in 1955. It is hard to imagine how she can still be that good at golf at her age. We should not be surprising as the Tacoma Country & Golf Club has a lot of really good members. They wouldn’t be members of the club if they are not good at golf after all.

Meanwhile, Jade Greens is about to close after being in the business for 26 years. They are not the lone golf course to close. In fact, it is believed they are the 16th golf course to close in the Puget Sound area. It is a nine-hole golf course outside Auburn so golfers who go there to play need to find another golf course. They can throw a going away party for the golf course if they want as the old members of the club would love for that to happen.

In related news, Ken Still receives kidney dialysis three times a week but he refuses to receive a kidney transplant. According to him, he is 81 so someone younger deserves it more than he does. It is indeed an act of a saint so he is expected to be honored in some way. He still gives speeches and gets standing ovations wherever he receives invites. In the PGA tour, he has won the tournament three times and even played in the 1969 Ryder Cup team. It looks like he has retired from the sport so it won’t be long before he is just relaxing on a yacht in the middle of the sea.